A Day in San Francisco: Saturday morning market

I had the pleasure of playing tourist in San Francisco recently. I grew up a short distance from the Bay Area, and my experiences there throughout my childhood have influenced me immensely. Take for instance my overwhelming desire to kick off this recent visit with a ferry ride directly to the heart of downtown. A ferry trip was a family tradition of sorts, saving us the cost of bridge toll and the irritation of trying to park in a city that is better seen on foot anyhow. As an adult, I think I may have a lower tolerance for the bracing cold salt air, but I will never tire of the unique vistas of the city skylines from a boat on the bay.

San Francisco skyline, ferry

Market tomatoes

Multicolored mushrooms

I’d never visited the farmer’s market at the Ferry building though, and what a treat to disembark and find samples of local cheeses, mounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, local meats and seafood – truth be told, I was too busy basking in the hum of the busy marketplace to take many photos.  As you can see, some unusual mushrooms caught my eye – the market is definitely something I hope to return to photograph further sometime soon.

Next up in this mini-series, an afternoon of crowd-dodging and unexpected art…

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